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How can we merge separated FLV video into MP4?

As known, a lot of online video download are segmented FLV videos, so inevitably people one by one to watch does not look smooth, then how to connect multiple FLV video files into one video file, and does not need any conversion to other formats, direct merger, fast yet. AllPepole Video Merger is particularly suitable for processing each FLV video segments downloaded from the website.

The software uses system codecs and comes with a variety of excellent codec, the merger will not only support FLV format, but also will be combined with other various popular formats, but also with video editing, subtitling load, watermarks superposition various editing functions.

AllPepole Video Merger operation method is very simple, just three simple steps to complete the merger of all videos. First, add the video, the video will be ready to add to the software, you can add one by one, you can also add bulk. Before you add video recommendations, according to the order of adding video merge, or rename the video sequence, the video after the completion of the merger to facilitate orderly. Second, add text or watermark. Click on the video to preview, add personalized text, free to adjust the size, color and position of the text. Third, select the output path and start merge. Before merger the video, select the path you want to save, in order to easily and quickly find the video after the completion of the merger. Then click on the merger, patiently waiting for a complete video baked it.

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Good compatibility and simple operation video merger

Video merge software, by definition, they will think only merge video, and its implementation is currently a lot of video merge software also can merge image and audio, multiple video merge into one video, but also video and pictures, and audio mixing can be merged. So what kind of video merge software is best to use? Video compatibility, simple operation, many people believe that these conditions will be mentioned. Today, I will introduce such a merger can only merge video, but also the ability to merge pictures and audio powerful video merge software, let us work together to witness this video merge software charm.

First, import the pending merger of video, audio and pictures

After downloading and installing the video merge software, open software, clear software interface makes people feel good, the software is divided into four sections, to realize the video merger, plus the corresponding file in the appropriate section, as in the video section to add video, add audio at audio segment, the image plate to add pictures, add complete, free click join files, you can achieve video, pictures and audio preview. The video merge software has excellent codec and supports various formats of video, image and audio merger, such as flv video merge, etc., is compatible with a very high degree.

Secondly, use of video editing functions

As a good integrated audio and video merge software, this software also simple video editing features, in video, image preview process, click on the pause, you can add video overlay text, superimposed watermark, stacking frames, adjust text size and the position of the border, and so on.

Thirdly, adjust the video merge order

After finished importing and editing video, audio and picture, the need for consolidation of the resulting video sequence of video adjustments, add video, delete video and other operations, set finished, select the output path, click on the merger began to merge video.

While it is simple to operate, but it merge video quality is very commendable. Mac APP Store Download:


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How to merge different images and audio into one video

In today’s information era, almost all digital devices can support photographs, so our mobile phone, camera or computer often stores a lot of beautiful photos, some friends photos, some may be in daily life, or carefully photographed art photos. Will those records unruly youth photos video, we leave the memories will become the most unique way. How to make use of video pictures, as the new users, a simple and exquisite degree of software is essential to ensure! Open the AllPepole video merger, through the “add photos” button; we can put all the photos into the software. Click on the picture, preview, when in the process of previewing, we can add text or description on the picture, drag the position of text etc..

Silent pictures showing may lost the number of color, it is a video album with beautiful music, can choose any audio format as background music. Click to add audio, audio software according to the length of time to automatically match the picture display time, then add background music, select the output path, easy to see after the completion of the merger. After the completion, click on the Merger, with about a few minutes, in the process, we can do something else on the Internet, wait for the video album merged.

When AllPepole video merger showed that the conversion is successful, will pop up a dialog box prompts you to preview, please click on the video to watch the video album effect!

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Use video joiner to add background music to video

Now online video vogue, we can browse the Internet to a variety of small video clips, you’ll find most of the video is not recorded by a camera or cell phone to get it! But a combination of photos, how to use photographs to make a video clip of it? Today’s information age, almost can support many digital devices to take pictures, so our phones, cameras or computers are often stored a lot of beautiful pictures. The production of those records with unruly youth photos into video will be our memories leave the most unique way.

In fact, not difficult to make such a video, we only need to use the relevant video merge tool can be. I usually use My Merger. This software is very simple and clear interface; all operations can be completed in a single interface. And video can also add subtitles, it is a good video production tools. The use of this video production software, will merge into a video picture requires only three steps can be completed.

First you need to add pictures to the merge list. It should be noted that this is a can merge video, pictures and music software; add different file types to merge different lists. We need to add the picture, there it is located in the top right picture list, click on the “+” button, select Add image. You can add multiple pictures at once.

Then select the image file to be merged. When the image upper right corner shows “√”, then the picture has been selected. Then it can be merged image.

Video files only picture no sound, it is inevitable a little dull and unattractive. So, we can also add background music to video. Or in accordance with the way the combined image, add music scene in line, you can click on the merger.

So we create a vivid video files. We also use our own handmade video uploaded to the Internet, and friends together to share fruits of our labor.

How to make different music into a song


Music is our hobby, drinking Coffee, listening to music is a very pleasant thing. Walking in the street , especially in some places of entertainment, there you will always hear some  songs, it is from  different songs, take the essence part together , so that people can hear different styles and different kinds of songs at the same time , similar to the previous songs . But now we’re playing, different music can join together into one, video merger is the same naturally born, add appropriate music, play a person’s imagination, and create a cool video.

Every time I hear string music, see the video together, have a kind of impulse, imagining what it would be like to be created out by myself, suddenly worried that i can’t do it. In fact, their principles are from different parts of the video or music together, only need to use video merger software can be achieved.

Methods and steps:

1, the video combine, it is to capture an essence of the video and combined into a new video. Combine different video into one need the appropriate tools, installing the video merger software, click on the “add video “button in the top left of the interface, hold down the CTRL key to select multiple video files, can be added in one click.

2, after the videos need to be merged are all added in. The video joiner provided by AllPepole can combine video, music and photos. In the software interface, can set the picture animation; below the preview window can add subtitle file. This video merger software default synthesized video file format is MP4 format.

3, after the parameters of the output video set finished, you can start video merge, click on the “Merge” button right of the software interface, at the point of care that, have to be confirmed before the front with video list box is ticked.

4, using the above method to merge video, this software by default after the merger of the video is a video file name finally merged in the list, if need to change, need to wait until after the merger to modify. But if you need to modify the path before the merger, need to choose the storage location. Video merge speed varies depending on the video file size.

Merge video and audio only need three steps


Which Video Merge software is better? Faced with online video cutting software varies greatly, I believe that many beginners would ask this question. Video Joiner can be summarized in one video editing, video editing software and therefore generally have this feature, but the professional video editing software is bulky and cumbersome to operate, it is a headache. Cottage software features a single, results cannot be guaranteed. Based on this, the article today will introduce a comprehensive audio and video merger software “My Merger”, that is, has a user-friendly operation, the merged and converted video can also achieve high-definition picture quality, but it also provides a variety of other common video editing functions, such as adding background music, add subtitles, watermarks and so on.

First, imports merge video

Merge multiple videos, click on the lower left side of the interface “Add Video” button will want to merge multiple video once imported, very convenient. The built-in-class software codecs, and leverages codec system for compatibility with a variety of video formats are particularly good, so the direct video into various formats can be merged.

Second, the use of video editing functions

My Video Merger software is not just a video merger software, and more with a variety of very useful editing functions, such as the video plus favorite text superimposed watermark and trademarks, etc., as well as to add background music, etc., add background music you need to click on the bottom right of the screen to add audio button can also import multiple audio files.

Third, achieve the merger, and then preview

Before the merger, select the position you want to store the files, easy to find after the merger. Click on the merger, after the merger will pop a dialog box prompting the merger has been completed, and then preview the merged. More convenient My Merger has own player, needn’t open other player to preview.

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Video file merging method

Now on the market of video merge software emerge in endlessly, but the function is the same. The specific operation method is not what different. In general can be used the following method of operation, complete video merger work quickly.

First of all, need to be prepared for video merge software and video file (format), and then open the video with suddenly can start related operation. For video merge software preparation work, just go to search the Internet will have different versions of the media with software, to choose their own preferred to. The http://www.allpepole.com provides video merge software very professional, can be combined with different types of media files, including video, audio and picture.

The specific operation video merger looks downward please:

The converter interface open, click the appropriate module above and to the left of the “+” (add file) button, the need to merge video are added into the software. Add files will be displayed in the software file list area. If you want to check the quality of the original video before merging, you can double-click the selected a video file, on the left side of the preview window can play preview.

Next is the merge operation. The choice of the need to merge the video file that is in front of the video file list area tick, selected for the combination of video files. Then there is a “Merge” button in the lower right corner of the interface, you can click merge.

Another way to add merges video. In the list of areas, according to the keyboard “Ctrl” key, at the same time, the mouse click choose need a combined (more than two) video files, confirm can be added.

Incorporated in the list of areas after the video file to form a group, group named in accordance with the merger types are assigned different group name. The name can be changed, in the name of the group to appear on right click the drop-down menu, select “Rename”, now editable, enter the text you want to go.