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How to cut out your favorite pictures

Many times, when we see a picture, we will go to evaluate it where there is better where there is defective. This time, we hope to have a tool that can help us achieve any editing to make the pictures better. Here is to introduce the MY Photoeditor developed by AllPepole company, he can help us achieve the picture clips and landscaping features.

Before editing a picture, we first need to determine what we need to stay in place, which is the part we do not need, then you need to leave a portion of the clip we put it out.

As shown below, when we get a picture, determine the need for clips section, we are better for accurate, we can drag the picture proportions, zoom in or out of the picture processing, but we can also choose Full Screen View picture, then click the crop button, click on the image and drag the mouse to select the desired editing screen, you can achieve picture editing.


Although it is such a small function, in real life, it can get a lot of applications. Such as design the LOGO of company, we can zoom in or out to edit it, thus avoiding many of the dead that we usually do not see, allowing the company LOGO more perfect; there is when we organize our travel photos and found that there are other people into our line of sight, this time you can also use MY Photoeditor to cut out the unauthorized persons excluded; we need to do when there is someone or something material compilations, I found this person or this thing related pictures much, we can only go from elsewhere cut out some related pictures, this time also need to use best photo editing software. There is a focused picture when we need a location in time, will be used in this section will focus on professional photo editing software flagged.

In short MY Photoeditor functionality and usefulness of a lot, if you want to know more information about photography editing software, please search AllPepole directly, then click on MY Photoeditor to classify the drop-down box!


How to protect our private pictures are not used by others

Now the world provide information public, but today all kinds of information stolen frequent phenomenon. One day you and your friends go out to play , you have took some very nice pictures, in order to show your personal style, so you put your photos on the Internet. A few days latter, you were surprised to find your photos appeared on billboards? Photograph was stolen! You have a unique vision of art, design some very creative animation, you also want the world to praise your creative, you put animation sent to the Internet. Over time, you found that people become creative. Because of this, when you have good stuff you did not dare to send to the Internet, do not want to show yourself for the world , lack of understanding of the human being and awareness opportunities.

Need not worry, as long as you add your own unique logo creation, coupled with your own personalized signature on your photograph, then people can not easily steal your masterpiece. So where did you want to do with such a tool, do not worry, My PhotoEditor developed by AllPepole  company(It provide software for all people) can help you achieve this.

My PhotoEditor is a professional photo editing software, you can easily use it to increase any image capture and creation date, so that even many years later we can clearly remember the time when shooting pictures and  the scene of making it, some interesting stories happened and memorable things of this time.

Use best photo editing software, you can give the picture with their own personalized signature to show their unique personality. Personalized signature can also be a description of the picture, when other people see it they can quickly understand the meaning and background image of the picture. If you send a picture to your friend, you can express your thoughts on the picture at the moment.

Professional photo editing software you can use to add rich text watermark images, watermark on behalf of the author or the original owner, or labeled “Do not reprint” “can not be used for commercial purposes,” or other words in the picture, so no one will easily steal your copyright, Copyright © 2012 Xfire!

Overall, the use of My PhotoEditor can help you better protect your privacy and power. So you do not worry your pretty pictures being illegally exploited, do not worry about your own creation used by others for commercial tool, you can rest assured demonstrate their presence to their own circle of friends, you can publish your own creations to the public resources .

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