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Media merge from AllPepole

Because the software updating, about a month’s time can not download. In our technical staff’s efforts, and now I can finally use. My Merge is a powerful multimedia combined  software. When you see this software interface you should know how to use. With the multimedia merge software to support a variety of formats, can make a picture, video, audio, in two, or even three, can be combined with. In order to beautiful appearance and distinguish between different media file, we add a different pattern on the above icon.

media merge software

media merge software

In order to quickly find the merged file location, select the save path before merging. That is, at the bottom left of the interface can be see. This interface can’t see how to adjust the merge order, here to tell you, before the merger, will let us choose with what documents, check the order is to merge order, do not forget oh! In order to more profound memory, now try it!  www.allpepole.com