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How to make a video clip

Today is the information age, almost all digital devices can support to take pictures, so our phones, cameras or computers are often stored a lot of beautiful photos, some photos are about friends get together, and some may be life on weekdays, or art photo shoot carefully. Those unruly youth record photos produced video, will become the most unique way to leave the memories. So how do you use these beautifully photographs to craft video?

Computers are usually comes with Office software, if not you can directly download and install. First, we need to use to make a PowerPoint PPT fine album, PPT to open a blank document, through the “Insert” → “Album”, the need to create a video album of photographs of all import PPT.

After the photo import PPT blank document, due to different photo sizes, so some PPT large blank page will appear, affect the appearance. At this point we need to select a nice background image for PPT album, can be static or dynamic will do. Click on the slide blank page, and then select the background formatting, the background picture into PPT album.

Then you need to enhance photos, click to select the photo, and then drag the photos around the point can zoom or rotate photos, make photo slideshow page looks beautiful balance, then you can also select the “Picture Tools” for the photo to add a border or special effects and so on.

We use the “Switch” effects to animate, in turn select each slide, and then choose a satisfying “switching scheme” in the “Switching” can be very simple!

After the animation setup is complete, you can save the PPT album, but this time the album cannot be called PPT video album, because it just PPT document format, you want to make a video album PPT need auxiliary tool. We can download screen recording software, automatic slide show; you can also slide into a video format.

Overall, this approach requires the use of auxiliary tools are more and produced a video without sound, the easiest way is to use video merger software, not only can be used to create beautiful photo video, you can also video dubbing, add subtitles. For details, please visit http://www.allpepole.com/MyMerger_Windows.


Convert video to MAC player

Watch the video and listen to music on the MAC is a very good way to enjoy. Before, many people use the Windows operating system, use MAC is not very habit, especially on the MAC a lot of video files is not supported, so this gives a lot of new user brings a lot of trouble. But if they download their own very like video, but can’t watch on MAC, it can make them feel very sorry.

Here is a very simple solution, it does not require us to spend too much time and money, and the new users can watch their favorite videos on MAC. You can use video converter, convert videos to MAC format support, so you can enjoy the video on the MAC. Video converter can quickly and easily convert videos to MAC format support, either video or music, it can complete the conversion in a short period of time. Video converter is the best solution, and is also very simple to use.

The user can find a lot of relevant software program on the site, such as My Video Converter; if you search for video conversion software on the Internet, I believe you can find tens of thousands of video converter. You only need to select a shop, into the store to download or purchase page, download and install the video conversion software, then you need to convert the video added to video converter, select the MAC supported file types, click on the “Converter All”, and then wait for a few minutes, you enjoy your favorite movies on MAC. It is worth noting that, you must convert videos to MAC player compatible video format, such as iTunes, iMovie, iDVD etc..

They can also convert these documents into other formats, like a lot of people are familiar with the AVI format, MPEG format, WMV format, and MP4 format. At the same time you can also convert you download the video to YouTube format uploading to social network above, with your fans and friends together to watch the classic video.

If you have a lot of video requires a conversion, you will consider whether this will cost you a lot of time. Use my video converter for MAC; you don’t have to worry about this problem, because my video converter supports batch conversion of video files, can one-time complete conversion of different video formats. If you are looking for a video converter, you can try my video converter provided by AllPepole.

IPhone users how to share resources with other users

IPhone users are growing with each passing day; the design concept of everyone like apple mobile phone, the user experience is very good. However, iPhone users also have one of the most common questions, problems that the data transmission between the mobile phone. Although iPhone is a mobile device the best recognized it, it has a large number of features and functionality, which is the other mobile phone, cannot match. IPhone supported formats and other mobile phone is different, has system and the format of its independent, so this gives a lot of users has brought.

As ordinary mobile phone users, share songs, audio, video and picture is a common thing, but for the iPhone user is not so simple. Because the format problem, which cannot be shared with other users. But iPhone users might not have been no and other users to share resources, how do they do it? Now the most common application is video converter. First of all, they will change their media files to other formats through video converter, and then share it with other users.

So Is it right? All video converter supports iPhone format of the device, Is it right? All video converters can convert different types of media files? I think those who used APP users know, to achieve the support of all the media file type is not an easy thing. As far as I know, the conversion is now only AllPepole My Video Converter supports all formats.

My Video Converter supports different types of media files, such as audio, video and DVD format conversion, including video format support more than 50 kinds of input and output, including almost all current video formats; and audio file format also includes thirty kinds, the same thirty supporters in multiple formats of input and output. And high conversion efficiency, support batch conversion, can also through play and check the file quality before the conversion. For iPhone users, the use of this video converter is very convenient, because you can choose your mobile device directly in the conversion time; the system will automatically match your equipment.

If you are looking for powerful video conversion software, you can try My Video Converter. If you want to learn more information about video conversion tool, please click http://www.allpepole.com.

The use of Video Converter

With the prevalence of mobile devices, a lot of people have their own mobile devices, such as mobile phone, MP4, SONY, iPhone/iPad/iPod, 3GP mobile phone PSV/PSP machine and so on. For those who like the mobile phone, MP4, PSP or other handheld devices to watch video users, often encounter some not broadcast the video format, this time you will think you need to convert video into video format to use video conversion software, so how to find a suitable for their own use video conversion tool.?

In the choice of when we need to remember a little, the main function is the video conversion tool is video conversion, as long as it can support all video format conversion, the conversion speed, support batch conversion, then this is a good video converter.

Currently on the market, provided by the AllPepole My Video Converter is fully conforms to the user demand video conversion tool. This software is comprehensive audio and video conversion software, in addition to support the export of various popular formats, the conversion process can repair damaged video files, support for iPhone/iPod/PSP and other multimedia format specified. And, this is a very simple operation video conversion software, a few steps to the realization of a simple video format conversion output.

The first is to introduction video format. Click on the “Load File”, select the need to convert the video file input, you can choose different ways to add to transfer video format, see details at the foot of. In the conversion rate, the software has multiple cores CPU concurrent conversion speed, the maximum support to 16 core CPU, therefore also reached the industry’s fastest conversion speed. If you need to convert DVD files, please click on the “Load DVD”.

Choose the format they need second. In both sides of the interface, select the output format you need. If you want to video conversion to IPad or IPhone, you can sign the direct selection and your mobile phone accordingly, converting the file to your mobile device supported formats.

Finally, click the Convert button to complete the video conversion.

With My Video Converter, no matter from which the videos on the site, you can convert your equipment to support the format; you can easily enjoy the video file you like.

The best video conversion software

My video converter is a very good software, can convert any format such as WMV, AVI, MOV, 3GP, VOB, ASF, MPEG, FLV video, SWF format and MPEG-4 video, you can put your favorite video conversion to your mobile phone. In addition, the video conversion can also be an audio file format conversion to mobile phone. This video conversion software supports all current video format, check the video quality, and then convert to your device. You can download the video conversion software and installed on the computer, so you can use it very convenient.

Why my video converter is the best video conversion software? Because it can be used to improve the output video quality, through the conversion of the video, you can enjoy the best video playback on your mobile device.

The best video conversion software has the support of all the format conversion function, can improve the output video quality to a large extent. My video converter has a friendly user interface, you can adjust the brightness, saturation and contrast of the video. If the video is too large, you can split it into two or more than two part in converting it to WMV or MPEG-4 video. In addition, you can also choose a specific part of trim video is converted and refused to rest. At the same time, if there are a lot of small video, you want to convert and upload it to your mobile phone player, you can use the merge software merging them into a single file.

My video conversion software is a very impressive video converter, video caption it allows you to edit or add output. My video converter not only support all formats of input, and if you use the player supports the format is not commonly used, change my video converter can complete your video. Because the output it supports all formats. Not only that, my video converter also provides the function of the browser, you can watch your favorite video upon transfer to find.