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Found the best video conversion tool

You need a free video downloader and converter, My Video converter gives you a powerful platform to manage videos and take them with you wherever you go.

Maybe you will ask, why I need it? Today, six billion hours of video are watched every month on webpages, so it’s probably fair to say we’re a little obsessed with online video. But if you want to transfer your favourite videos to your device, watch offline or convert them to different formats, you need video conversion tool.

This handy tool lets you download videos from the world’s most popular video websites, then convert them to a range of formats – ideal for when you’re travelling to areas with patchy internet reception but still want to tune in. In fact, there are so many conversion options available (including AVI, FLV, MOV, WMV, MPG, MP4, PSP, 3GP and more) that you should be able to play your videos on pretty much any device.

You can also burn videos to DVDs ready for TV viewing, while there’s a screen recorder for when you want to keep a record of video conferences and group calls.

Key features:

First: Convert audio, video, music, voice and other media formats

Second: Over 160 conversion formats

Third: Converts different types of target format files

Forth: Supports cross-platform multi-device as Windows and Mac platforms, iOS for iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android devices and Symbian system equipment

Fifth: Convert VCD or DVD to any format media file, supports converting output to: VCD, DVD, projector, Apple TV, and all major TV and video devices

Sixth: HD player: Can check quality before converting

Seventh: When playing a video file by a key the My Player can achieve instant snapshots to get the classic picture look.

Eighth: Quick and easy way to download audio, video, voice, pictures and other multimedia files , for example YouTube, hulu, VEVO, AOL, videobash, vimeo

My Video Converter is a powerful video conversion tool, which not only supports converting video files, and also supports converting audio files and voice. Download the installation process is very simple, so you do not have to worry about takes you much time. When you first use it, you will find that his interface is very clear and simple, so that we do not charge too much time you can easily learn how to use it.


Do you need a professional media conversion tool?

You are specialized in media conversion work-related staff it? You need a professional media conversion tool? Do not you think looking for a professional media conversion tool is very difficult? Is not find you with a lot of software does not meet your demands?

As a professional media conversion tool that can convert must meet different forms of media files, including audio, video, and voice. My VideoConverter is a meet different forms of media file conversion software, he can support converting 160 kinds of different forms of media files. Not only that, it can file after conversion, the output to the TV. At the same time, you can also use My VideoConverter as a browser in the form of Web pages open, and you can feel free to download video files on YOUTUBE.