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Mobile phone to computer data transmission method

Often have friends need to put some documents stored in the mobile phone, and then use the spare time to read. Sometimes need to send mobile phone photos to the computer for editing, which requires the solution of mobile phone and computer documents transmission. Here are some of the methods to achieve, we hope to help.

1, the use of desktop applications

We are most familiar with this method is to transfer files to each other through Email, almost everyone can use. The file from a device, and then downloaded to another device. Dropbox, Google Drive, SkyDrive can also provide cloud data storage service to send data by each other. You can even use Web end application through software; realize the data transfer between different devices.

2, if Notepad, you are using Google Keep

Send a notepad; use the “Google Keep” is the most convenient way. Directly in the Google Keep record, copy, paste, immediately can see other devices.

This is the mobile phone to computer data transmission method, so we need more time to realize the data transmission between the mobile phone, after all, now the electronic product update speed, we replace the mobile phone frequency becomes higher. There are three ways of data transmission of mobile phone.

1, the use Bluetooth to achieve mobile phone data transmission

Bluetooth function is every mobile phone can only have the most basic functions, it also provides us the convenience of mobile data transmission. Only in certain space range, paired two phones, mobile phones can transmit data. But it is worth noting that the transmission, Bluetooth data transmission is only suitable for small file system.

2, the use of computer to realize data transmission in mobile phone

The first mobile phone files transfer and stored in the computer, and then copied to another mobile phone. This operation is more trouble, but also a method.

3, the use of data transmission tool tools

If you think copy the file to the computer and then copied to the phone more trouble, so using a mobile phone data transfer tool, it can be directly transferred to the mobile phone file on another phone, without the need for a computer backup. This operation will be more convenient and quick.

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How to transfer the mobile phone media files fast to another phone

Get a new mobile phone is a happy thing, but unfortunately, mobile phone system upgrade, a lot of things to be transferred from your old mobile phone to the new one. The old mobile phone have followed us for a long time, which saved a lot of important things, including our photos, friends contact, some of our favorite music, as well as our collection of film and video etc.. All of these documents will transfer to another phone is a big project, but you have to do.

Here are several methods can realize mobile data transfer:

Methods 1: copy mobile phone contacts with SIM card

If your mobile phone supports SIM card and mobile phone contacts copy, you can put the mobile phone number to the SIM card, and then put the SIM card into the new phone to copy down the contacts, but a limited capacity, may need to be repeated to completely copy, so suitable for mobile phone book transfer between different types of mobile phone;

Methods 2: the use of Bluetooth data transmission

Bluetooth data transmission conditions of use, need two phones within a distance range of 100 meters, paired two phones, can carry out data transmission. If the file size is too large, it will cost a long time to complete.

Method 3: use mobile data transmission professional tools

Mobile data transmission professional tools can realize mobile phone contacts, SMS, music, video transmission and mobile phone pictures. And faster transmission speed, it support batch file transfer. Currently on the market there are many similar software, currently My MobileSwap provided by the AllPepole received the highest rate. The highest support not only the files of different formats of data transfer, and transmission speed, simple operation, you can immediately download it a try. More AllPepole product at APPStore:


Why Android phones than iphone more convenient

Intelligent mobile phone function, can also cause a problem, is the need for more and more types of files, file size is more and more big, the phone data exchange with the computer or other mobile phone will be relatively trouble, took the iPhone for example, if each other to pass anything with mobile phone and computer, the computer will need at the end of iTunes, even on the data lines, in order to realize the media or the application installation, use up more trouble, if the transfer between the mobile phone is more trouble, more of Apple’s iOS requirements, although this can be a very good against piracy, but for users is not free.

Compared to Apple’s iOS, Android mobile phone is relatively more freedom, between the mobile phone and mobile phone, mobile phone and computer communication or synchronization some content is relatively simple, but many users in the application has not been very successful, so today, we will introduce some of the Android on the mobile phone transmission function, there may be some of you do not know, for this transfer function, we Each takes what he needs., transmission methods are varied, there must be a right for you.

1, the use of mobile phone Bluetooth data transmission

This is a commonly used way of data transmission. The benefits of using Bluetooth data transmission is fast and convenient, but the use of Bluetooth data transmission has a shortcoming is only suitable for small file transmission; file transfer speed is very slow.

2, the realization of data transmission in Wi-Fi environment

Wi-Fi can be used for the connection between the mobile phone and is usually PC, two sets of equipment in the same Wi-Fi environment can be synchronized, the synchronization process of the Android itself does not support, need to use third party tools. Wi-Fi transmission with two sets of equipment to a Wi-Fi network environment, relatively speaking, the transmission requirements are relatively high, and there is little between Wi-Fi network mobile phone software can access each other      .

3, save the data to the computer, and then output to another mobile phone

Using this method, you first need to save the data in the mobile phone to the computer, and then connect a mobile phone, and then the data output. Advantage is that the output file support, but the lack of a lot of trouble, need to transfer files to the computer, and then output to the mobile phone.

4, the use of tools for data transfer

Using the professional software of data transmission, computer does not need to transfer, directly to the data transmission in the mobile phone to another mobile phone. The transmission also supports large files, and faster transmission speed. You are worth a try!

Android mobile phone how to transfer files

Now the function of mobile phone is more and more, people usually take more and more time with it, the direct result is the shorter life of mobile phone. Exaggeration to say, now change for mobile phone is frequency faster than change clothes. But every time we replace a new mobile phone, will be faced with how easily the old mobile phone data transfer to the new mobile phone, especially communication is stored in the mobile phone on the book, SMS, call logs and photos and other information, these data are indispensable to our daily life. According to the traditional method to copy it, are all to a new mobile phone, is definitely a big project, in order to simplify the process, we need to find a good mobile phone data transfer tool for having heard it many times, it is the use of Bluetooth data transmission. Then we will talk about the advantages and disadvantages of the use of Bluetooth mobile phone data.

As the most traditional way, the application of Bluetooth in Android was more extensive, in addition to mobile phone or mobile phone to transfer some of PC content, the application of Bluetooth is also widely to peripherals, the user can through the Bluetooth pairing Android mobile phone keyboard, mouse and even Bluetooth watches, is relatively easy to use, but as the transmission function of the traditional Bluetooth application, or more trouble.

Bluetooth has basically everyone know, Bluetooth can be said to be the most basic transmission modes in the transmission, Bluetooth, mobile phone needs to be paired Bluetooth transmission distance, depending on the situation, but for close share, Bluetooth application limit is still relatively small, most of the content to share the use of Bluetooth support. Another big advantage is that support Bluetooth connection device, which we have just mentioned.

Finished the merits about the disadvantages, Bluetooth is the point to point transmission, sharing the use of Bluetooth can only between two devices, this can be regarded as the biggest disadvantage of Bluetooth, Bluetooth and the transmission speed is limited, the development of Bluetooth transmission speed is obviously cannot keep up the growth rate of capacity of the medium, gradually Bluetooth also may gradually be eliminated. After all, with the data in the mobile phone is more and more big, the Bluetooth is only suitable for small data transmission, when large data transmission of Bluetooth, slowly, then we must find another suitable tool for large data transfer tool.

Mobile phone data transfer software


Every time we get a new phone, will face a happy trouble, that is how to conveniently to transfer your old phone data to a new phone, after all, mobile phone contacts, text messages, call records, photos, music and other data to our daily life is too important.

If you must consolidate one by one, derived it, and then backup, then store into the new machine, it will waste our time. As lazy dead star, natural looking for support! My MobileSwap provided by AllPepole is a super easy to use, and it is the Android mobile phone data free transfer tool, it without networking, directly transfer data between the two sets of Android mobile phone easily! Now supports mail list (contact), transfer messages, pictures, music, video and other data.

AllPepole provides this mobile phone data transfer software is a wonderful application, its biggest feature is the “zero discharge” provides a mobile phone data transfer function, you do not need networking, do not need to plug a phone card, do not have to spend flow, as long as the two mobile phone connected to the computer, you can transfer data between them. Without mobile phone data backup to the computer, the computer acts as a software operating platform, data transfer between the mobile phone only.

After running the software, connect two mobile phones to the computer. When the connection is successful, the software will automatically read the files in mobile phone, and classification. Choose to transfer files directly onto the area drag to another mobile phone to achieve phone data transfer. In the file selection, here provides function select all. If the file number of the need to transfer is larger than the number of reserved file, can choose to select all and then cancel does not need to transfer files. Method of use:

Download and install the mobile data transfer software, and run;

Two mobile phone linked to the computer, and matching the links and software;

According to their own need to choose to transfer data;

Drag to transfer files to receive mobile phone;

Just wait for a while to complete transmission!

My MobileSwap now can help users achieve contacts (address book), text messages, pictures, videos, music and other types of data transfer, covering the information content required to transfer the user to replace the new phone. For the lazy, this is indeed a very good solution! In need of friends can have a try.

How to fast and convenient transfer mobile phone data

We often plaint that the speed of mobile phone replace is so quickly, we are no rhythm. There are a lot of mobile phone fancier, like to do research on every kind of mobile phone, addicts will be for a new mobile phone every mouth, although easy to change, but some of the information in the mobile phone is not so easy to transfer, in the face of huge data in the mobile phone, but also take a long time to upload to the cloud disk, so how to fast and convenient transfer of mobile phone in the information and documents? Plan to share with you today: the best method is to use mobile transfer.

The first method:

In fact, in this case, in addition to the cloud disk upload, we can use some third party software to back up the data in the mobile phone, and then reduced to other mobile phone. Opened the box, there will be a data backup, directly with the function of the mobile phone data backup, then change to other mobile phone connected to the computer, and then click on the data reduction problem can be solved!

We must pay attention to that: the phone must be rooted advance; data must be saved to the computer, and then transferred from the computer to the phone, time-consuming and laborious

Second kinds of methods:

We can use the phone data transfer tool, the first, mobile phone connected to the computer through a data line, and then use the third party software, transfer the original mobile phone data directly to the new phone.

The advantage of this method is no need to save the data to the computer, mobile phone data transfer directly from the old to the new. Eliminating the intermediate steps, save time

At present, mobiletrans provided by the AllPepole, this phone data transfer tool is in accordance with require of saving time and effort. Not only has the advantages of simple operation, but also the interface is very clear, almost all of the action can be completed in a single interface. At the same time, the data transmission software automatically classificatory your document, divided into mobile phone contacts, messages, music, video and pictures. In order to transfer the relevant documents, only need to click on the corresponding button, aim to provide convenience for you to find the file. More information at http://www.allpepole.com.

When you need for mobile data transmission software

As we all know, the mobile data transmission is to transfer or copy your phone data to another mobile phone. When it comes to this function, our first thought is the Bluetooth. But now the use of Bluetooth have become very little, because it is not only slow, but also there are limitations of transmit file type. In addition to Bluetooth data transmission, we usually used are Wi-Fi, usually can use the Wi-Fi connection between the mobile phone and PC, two sets of equipment in the same Wi-Fi environment can be synchronized, the synchronization process. Android system does not support, need to use third party tools.

In the process of data transmission in mobile phone, do you think the MMS is too costly; open the Bluetooth good trouble, mail is slow. Then, all you need is a paragraph does not flow, speed, mobile data transmission tool has the advantages of simple operation. Now transfer software is particularly much, you want to find suitable mobile transfer software for yourself? The Android mobile phone transmission software provided by AllPepole here for you, as to how the effect, we first have a look profile.

When you want to transfer data to another phone, the AllPepole mobiletrans is the best choice for you; when you need to replace the new phone, all mobile phone file is transferred to a new phone, the AllPepole mobiletrans is a necessary tool for you to replace the phone; when you want to import contacts and mobile phone messages, AllPepole mobiletrans is your best helper.

AllPepole mobiletrans is a simple and practical mobile data transfer tool, you can transfer phone contacts, information, pictures, videos and music files to each other, making the file transmission become more humanization, more convenient and more efficient. At the same time, the software provides the intelligent classification of documents, document browsing, video, music, pictures, mobile phone contacts, text messages, click to read, easy to use.

The use of the mobile phone data transmission software, only between a few simple steps can achieve file transfer between two mobile phones. First, of course, is also the most important preparation work, you need to download mobile data transmission software installed on your computer frequently used. Download Mobile data transmission software provided by AllPepole, you can go to AllPepole official website (http://www.allpepole.com/), download and then install it.

Next, you need to connect your phone with the computer have installed the mobile transfer, to achieve mobile phone data match. Open the phone data transmission software, the software will be a different file information classification. Click on the copy or transfer the file type you want, select or drive to another mobile phone area, can achieve data transfer and copy.

Do you think the data transfer is much better than Bluetooth, looking at all feel very interesting, immediately download and try the transmission software!