Mobile phone data transfer software


Every time we get a new phone, will face a happy trouble, that is how to conveniently to transfer your old phone data to a new phone, after all, mobile phone contacts, text messages, call records, photos, music and other data to our daily life is too important.

If you must consolidate one by one, derived it, and then backup, then store into the new machine, it will waste our time. As lazy dead star, natural looking for support! My MobileSwap provided by AllPepole is a super easy to use, and it is the Android mobile phone data free transfer tool, it without networking, directly transfer data between the two sets of Android mobile phone easily! Now supports mail list (contact), transfer messages, pictures, music, video and other data.

AllPepole provides this mobile phone data transfer software is a wonderful application, its biggest feature is the “zero discharge” provides a mobile phone data transfer function, you do not need networking, do not need to plug a phone card, do not have to spend flow, as long as the two mobile phone connected to the computer, you can transfer data between them. Without mobile phone data backup to the computer, the computer acts as a software operating platform, data transfer between the mobile phone only.

After running the software, connect two mobile phones to the computer. When the connection is successful, the software will automatically read the files in mobile phone, and classification. Choose to transfer files directly onto the area drag to another mobile phone to achieve phone data transfer. In the file selection, here provides function select all. If the file number of the need to transfer is larger than the number of reserved file, can choose to select all and then cancel does not need to transfer files. Method of use:

Download and install the mobile data transfer software, and run;

Two mobile phone linked to the computer, and matching the links and software;

According to their own need to choose to transfer data;

Drag to transfer files to receive mobile phone;

Just wait for a while to complete transmission!

My MobileSwap now can help users achieve contacts (address book), text messages, pictures, videos, music and other types of data transfer, covering the information content required to transfer the user to replace the new phone. For the lazy, this is indeed a very good solution! In need of friends can have a try.


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